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Should You Use Airtable or Spreadsheets? Part 1

If you are considering using Airtable databases over your typical spreadsheets application then you have found the right place! This article and associated YouTube video will help guide you into making the best decision for your organization’s unique data and automation needs. … Read More

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Should You Use Airtable or Spreadsheets? Part 2

If you are a new user on Airtable, you must have wondered at some point if Airtable is the right place for me to store my data, or should I go back to using my trusted spreadsheet tool that I’ve already got set up on my computer? … Read More

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Justice At Last: Airtable Database for a Legal Non-Profit

Justice At Last is a non-profit law firm in the San Francisco Bay Area that gives free comprehensive legal services to survivors of all forms of human trafficking. Over the last year, AirOps Consulting has been working with Justice At Last to improve their operations. … Read More

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Airtable Sales CRM Fundamentals – Creating a Contacts Table

This eight-part Airtable tutorial series on building a custom Airtable CRM from scratch provides a starting point to building a custom CRM built specifically for your company’s needs. Keep in mind that you can adjust your Airtable to make it suit you. No two sales teams are identical, and thus each will have unique needs. … Read More

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Airtable Sales CRM Fundamentals – Creating a Company Table

It all begins with an effective CRM system that enables the sales team to be more productive and improves your productivity as a manager.

Airtable brings automation and organization to managing contacts, deals, and sales data that keeps the entire sales team in the know. In short, it provides you with a scalable CRM solution. … Read More

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Airtable Sales CRM Fundamentals – Developing Improved Collaboration through Interactions Tables

Improving sales data greatly benefits both the sales team and the management team. It helps your sales team focus on the most promising sales activities that yield results, without duplicating tasks or losing track of important information. As a sales manager, it provides day-to-day visibility on your team allowing you to easily support your team as they identify areas for improvement in your sales workflow. … Read More

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Airtable Sales CRM Fundamentals: Log Sales Interactions with Prefilled Airtable Forms and Buttons

Your sales team can use an effective CRM in Airtable to keep track of customer data and record notes from meetings and phone calls. If one of your sales team members leaves the company, an Airtable CRM will protect you from being left with a set of ambiguous leads and missing information. … Read More

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