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What our Airtable clients are saying

Our experience working with Cherry and her team at AirOps was nothing short of fantastic. Cherry deeply understood our business needs and with Josiah developed a solution that suits us well now, and importantly will add value to our business into the future. We're saving hours of our time each day because of their work. Cherry and her team were extremely professional - always prompt, clear in email communications and completely prepared for meetings. We couldn't have asked for more.
Sarah de Bruyn
Director, Ren Studio
The AirOps team has exceeded our expectations. Cherry and Abdul are extremely knowledgeable, thorough and timely in their deliverables and are enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend them for your next AirTable project.
Mike Comegna
COO, Outback Presents
Working with AirOps was wonderful! We decided to go with AirOps Consulting because of our initial call with Cherry, during which we got to learn about all of the options that would be available to us, and the way that AirOps would be able to work with us to implement our goals using AirTable. Whenever we had a question or felt like we were unclear about something, the team at AirOps was quick to respond and offered a thorough answer. The final solution that AirOps developed for us made our film grant management workflow much smoother and faster, overall saving 5-7 hours of our workday when sending grant decisions and compiling grantee information.
Gen Carmel
Program Director, LEF Foundation
Our small nonprofit launched a COVID relief program at the beginning of the pandemic. Before that program we managed everything on google sheets, but we soon realized this program would require something more sophisticated. We decided to go with Airtable as our database, but knew we were going to need a consultant to help us get our new system set up in an efficient manner without disrupting program operations. Cherry worked with us at every step of the way to figure out the best way to set up our database, and the most strategic way to use Zapier to take time consuming tasks off our hands. She really took the time to learn our program structure and our team's needs in order to build systems that would be the most helpful for us. She was also very patient as she worked to ensure our team, with varying degrees of database experience, all understood and felt comfortable with what was built. Since beginning with AirOps, weโ€™ve begun managing most of our programs and operations in Airtable including, contact, income, and event management. As we continue to build our Airtable bases and more automations in Zapier ourselves, Cherry has been wonderful at continuing to help us, solve hiccups and find our way around road blocks as we continue to learn these new softwares. Though we don't have a huge budget, it was definitely worth the investment to hire a consultant for this work, and we are so grateful we found AirOps Consulting to work with!
Nichole Fields-Kyle
Director of Programs and Operations, Concrete Jungle
Cherry & Josiah were fantastic to work with, they know their stuff. I appreciated so much how they took everything in my brain and made functional spreadsheets and processes with it. They knew intuitively exactly what needed to be done without me having to explain a lot. I would highly recommend them. They work hard, are effective, and efficient.
Jennifer Amsler
Managing Broker, eXp Realty
The project AirOps consulted on was executed within scope, as per the deliverables of the SOW, and with excellent communications. One of the more satisfying elements of the project was AirOps' graciousness in keeping the client (me) on course, accepting new work with clarity on dates and deliverables and pricing.
Michael Harabin
Senior Media Advisor, Innovative Employee Solutions
Effectively implementing an Airtable database and building out automation that supported our workflow proved challenging - especially without prior knowledge of the platform. After searching for a consultant, we decided to work with AirOps Consulting to build the marketing editorial calendar Airtable database we needed. After working with their team, we have a database that has become part of our agency's "secret sauce" and we have saved time and money as well.
Sara Rothfeder
Chief Marketing Officer, CCH Marketing
My experience working with Cherry is very positive, I was setting up a management flow system on airtable with Cherry and she is able to understand what I would like to achieve and we broke it down into stages to be implemented. We have created a usable system in 3 meetings. I look forward to continue to work with Cherry to expand our system.
Walter Choo
Arete Joinery
Very easy to work with and their team is very good in uncovering and understanding our needs.
Timothy Mercurio
Co-Owner, Plantrunz
I have been working with Cherry and Abdul from AirOps Consulting since late 2021 and they have already improved our operations much more than I expected. Our use of Airtable is now very organized and the automations AirOps introduced made the work much simpler and faster. We are rolling out AirOps improvements to teams in three different countries and everyone is extremely satisfied with their contributions.
Andrea Murta
Chief of Staff, International Relations, UHG
We fell into working with Airops Consulting when no other company seemed to be able to help us achieve what we wanted, Cherry took it on full board, listened to our needs then designed a database that far exceeded our expectations! I can't even begin to understand exactly how she did it, but 2 years on thanks to Cherry's knowledge of Airtable, our entire factory is running more efficiently and we have been able to identify week spots in our manufacturing process previously invisible to us. Thank you Cherry!
Steve Hare
Forest Press Hydraulics LTD
Our small but rapidly growing nonprofit worked with Cherry and her team to design and build an Airtable database to meet our complex programming and operational needs. The resulting solution has been transformative for our workflow, data management, and stakeholder relationships. Cherry deeply understands our needs, works diligently to address them all (even providing us with solutions we didn't know we wanted!), and takes special care to train us throughout the process so that we are able to actively manage and develop our own database. We continue to work with her stellar team to enhance functionality, automations, and integrations, creating many efficiencies in our day-to-day work. We can't recommend the AirOps team enough!
Jillian Scott
Executive Director, Dreamwakers
Cherry and her team have been an invaluable resource to us. She has partnered with us to help streamline systems and brainstorm solutions using Airtable. She is extremely knowledgeable and able to take our complex problems and break them down to actionable steps. I would have no hesitation recommending her services to anyone!
Faythe Aiken
Project Manager of Reporting, Learning, and Evaluation, Prosper Portland
Cherry was great to work with! We needed an inventory management system literally built from the ground up for our diaper bank that we could accept diaper/wipes/formula requests in, record incoming stock, and record outdoing stock specific to the request it fulfilled! 10000% would make the small investment again. Our team is much more productive and we can make data-informed decisions now.
Jaycina Almond
Executive Director, The Tender Foundation
Always pleasant. Learned a ton. Very good teachers.
Matt Factor
Owner, SKUNK
Working with Cherry at AirOps Consulting was exactly what we needed to get up and running quickly. We had a big project ahead of us that involved a lot of moving parts and Cherry was able to help us set up the foundation for a system that will enable us to scale up our production and fulfilment, streamline our workflows, and provide detailed analytics to power our reporting. The service was friendly, efficient, and professional. Thanks for getting us set up on the right foot.
Alison Beierlein
Operations Manager, Ethical Swag Inc.
Cherry and her team listened to our needs and then formulated a plan to deliver a new Airtable database that would meet our business's needs! She is knowledgeable about databases and working in Airtable and this translated to a great end product! Would highly recommend her and her service was top-notched! Thank you AirOps Consulting!
Cameron Tedford
Owner, Ontario Pipe Lining Ltd.
I called the AirOps when I had just discovered Airtable but could not seem to make it work at all. They helped me get rolling enough to understand what it could do at a basic level. Then I started populating a small base until I could understand how much it could do for us. I then started mixing and matching AirOps with my own efforts until the base (and our business) outgrew me in terms of base complexity. Now AirOps is on call whenever we have any changes or updates to make. I rarely touch it anymore, focusing more on running the business. This was not a big account for them, but they have grown with us seamlessly.
Chris Haga
Founder, High Mesa Renewables LLC
We reached out to AirOps to discuss improving and expanding a set of Airtable bases we had setup to use as our internal CRM. From the initial consultation it was clear that they would be great to partner with. They asked great questions and delivered a very targeted proposal. From kick-off to completion, we always felt they had our best interests in mind when making recommendations. They also did a thorough knowledge transfer, so we are able to maintain and extend the core solutions they help design and build.
Shervin Talieh,
CEO, PartnerHero
Working with AirOps was great. They really know their stuff. Communication was excellent and they are really nice to work with . Turn around times were quick and the results were better than expected.
Domenico Bruzzese
CEO, La Grotta Del Formaggio
Initially when I reached out to AirOps Consulting, I thought the hourly rate was too much and that I could figure it out on my own. I ended up purchasing a course from another vendor, watching 3 modules, working with 2 other consultants for a total of 3 hours and was literally no further along in my project. I reached back out to Cherry with AirOps Consulting to clarify my project, my goals and what I wanted. We started working together and honestly she is worth her weight in gold. Working with Cherry is the best of both worlds... I am getting the "education" component that I need/want and we are making huge progress on my project. Cherry is very organized, methodical and systematic. She takes the time to listen to the project, she guides, instructs and helps build. To date, we have completed a little more than half of one of my projects and the amount of time the AirTable automations has saved me each week is immeasurable. I really look forward to my sessions with Cherry, because I know that within our 1 hour timeframe, we will make huge strides toward my goals and it feels really great. Cherry also tries to maximize our consulting time together, by giving me a "homework" list... items she knows I can do on my own, then when we reconvene she's able to review, troubleshoot, fix if necessary. I almost don't want to leave a positive review... because I selfishly want to be able to schedule my consulting time without competition! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Sabitha Setty
Founder, The Unorthodox Doc, LLC
Cherry and her team are top notch people with incredible skills and problem solving abilities. Cherry really takes the time to understand your organizations operational habits and how to integrate a system that works best to increase efficiency, production and reduce stress. She's incredibly patient and kind, there are truly endless good things to say about this company, their services and their interactions. We are a small family run business that need help to develop a system to better manage our order processing flow. We reached out to AirOps without much expectation or knowledge of airtables but we couldn't have made a better move. They offer truly custom solutions Cinderella style.
Crystal L
Owner & Operator, Crystal Star Nursery
I tapped AirOps & Cherry to help with automating a hiring ATS we have in Airtable. Cherry & team are very flexible knowledgeable and super responsive. They quickly helped us automate the tedious stuff and made me realize the power of air table! I never knew it could do so much. Would highly recommend working with AirOps team. 5/5 stars.
Kamil Rextin
Owner, 42 Agency
Cherry is a consummate professional when it comes to Airtable and business in general. She has been working as a part of my team for several months now to create and launch an amazing new CRM for my business. I am thrilled with her results.
Jason Ford
Owner, Property Problem Solvers
Cherry knows what she is doing and is good about evaluating the issue you are trying to solve and provides good solutions across various platforms.
Adam Lambert
Cherry obtains a good grasp of what the issue really is and arrives at a totally appropriate and efficient solution. She did an awesome job in connecting our app and automating the Airtable workflow with Zapier. As heavy Excel users, weโ€™re totally amazed at what Airtable does and she helped in bringing us out of spreadsheet thinking into the modern era of Airtable and collaborating between multiple apps.
Jim Colville
Accounting Day
We brought a pretty complex problem to Cherry with unique needs for various stakeholders across the company and she delivered beyond our expectations. Always listening and taking time to understand our workflow and provide practical solutions and a framework to build on moving forward. Rarely do you find such a great partner. Couldn't recommend AirOps enough.
Mat Lancaster
Conscious Minds Studio
I'm a partner at Amplified Event Strategy, an agency that develops and runs some of the most important conferences in our industry. We are a lean team of experienced operators and we use Airtable to magnify our impact. We saw rapid revenue growth in the last 12 months and needed to upgrade our Airtable workflows and bases. AirOps listened to our needs and helped us co-develop a more robust system that gave us the confidence to pursue new opportunities.
Joon Ian Wong
Partner, Amplified Event Strategy