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The world's most comprehensive course on Airtable

Become an Airtable Champion - Build on your existing Airtable skills and learn to design, create, and manage Airtable Bases that adhere to the highest industry standards.

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A Course Designed for those who want to learn Airtable the right way.

Excellence in Airtable is a course designed for those looking to work and use Airtable professionally in their their career.

Throughout the course, students will learn everything they need to manage and grow the Airtable bases they work with each day. The course will start with fundamentals, but quickly dive into advanced topics like database schema design, data management, custom fields and formulas, advanced interfaces/views, and automations.

The course is instructed by award winning, Airtable certified instructor Cherry Yang - who will be there each step of the way as you grow your skills as an Airtable developer.

Module 1: Database Design

Module 1 explores the concept of scalable database design and the fundamental principles of implementing modular, maintanable, and scalable Airtable bases. In Module 1 we'll cover: ➣ Defining database scope ➣ Relational database principles ➣ How to define business needs ➣ How to define Airtable base requirements ➣ Designing Airtable base architecture ➣ Creating an Airtable base

Module 2: Implementation

In Module 2 we take a deep dive into Airtable and create an Airtable base from scratch - exploring all the features available to you when building a base. In Module 2 we'll cover: ➣ Fields and tables (All 28 types) ➣ Formulas (Text, Numeric, Date/Time, Arrays, Record Functions) ➣ Views (Grid, Form, Calendar, Kanban, Timeline, Gantt, Gallery) ➣ Automations (Triggers & Actions, Tools, Email, Time Based, Zapier, Conditionals, 3rd Party Integrations) ➣ Reporting (Rollup Fields, Pivot Tables, Quarterly/Annual Reporting, Charts/Graphs) ➣ Interfaces & Portals

Module 3: Support

Module 3 wraps up the course by exploring the various third-party tools available to supercharge an Airtable database. In Module 3 we'll cover: ➣ Useful 3rd Party Tools (On2Air, MiniExtensions, Pory, Stacker, and more!) ➣ Permission Management ➣ Data Integrations ➣ Data Synchronization ➣ Ongoing training & team onboarding ➣ Best practices for maintaining your database